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Activities with credit cards are growing


November 25, 2018 – 20:52
Sales of the sedan sales rose 26.2 percent year-on-year.

Income tax and debit card transactions were recorded at 7.3 percent and 14.2 percent respectively.

The second highest availability of air ticket was purchased. 24.6 percent growth and 54.6 percent growth.

Total turnover increased 36.4 percent and 42 percent last month.

Increase in the total number of clients was 45% higher than the total inflation rate of the last 12 months.

Cellular telephony was the most widely sold in credit cards. The number of clients has increased by 26.2% to 57% of the total.

In second place, the purchase of air ticket was 24.6% and 54.6% respectively.

Leinas Aares, who has 61.8 per cent and 77.6 per cent increase in debit cards, Then the payment of services, 49, 8% and 101% respectively.

On the other hand, the total item that was shown a credit card in October, 2017, decreased to 23.1 percent.

However, debit cards include furniture, mattresses (-11.9%), clothing, footwear (-9.0%), household appliances (-8.0%).

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