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About 30 years after World Aids Day, «Diary La Capital de Mar Dell Plata

On December 1, UN-SIDA has put forward this opportunity globally, inviting all the people affected by HIV / AIDS, the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day celebrations.

In 2017, 37 million people have been infected with HIV. In the same year, 1.8 million people lost their lives and 940,000 died. This slogan has been raised by the World Health Organization '90-90-90' as a preventive strategy worldwide that has been approved for some time before the World Health Organization. Originally designed by Professor Julio Mortoner, chiefly year 2020:
About 90% of HIV infections know their HIV status
About HIV
About 90% of HIV-positive people receive antibiotic therapy
90% of those who accept antiviral therapy have viral support.

Recent Research Research suggests that emphasizing the importance of preventative research suggests that HIV infected patients can correctly introduce patients and seek appropriate treatment while their beloved or homosexuals can be transferred literally "zero". But in order to treat patients and detect the virus, you must first identify them (the first 90's of the strategy).

In Argentina, 122,000 are infected with HIV, but 70% know that. That's why the slogan "Know your kingdom" is suitable for our country and our city.

Unfortunately, many disruptions have prevented HIV testing. Skagma and discrimination continue. People do not encourage people to perform experiments, so patients are already infected from the patient's symptoms, and unfortunately they are affected by others; In our city, the percentage of patients with dead patients have reached 30%.

HIV testing programs should be expanded, and sexually transmitted to HIV positive cholesterol or blood glucose should be tested. But the majority of the population does not care
Negative (about 99.6%) in these tests is due to HIV infection in our country, and good things can be given very simple treatments.

Unfortunately, it is doubtful that the use of contraceptive pills was utilized. We have to reply in reply. Canvas are very useful for preventing sexual diseases including HIV. "In addition, prophylactic use is a measure of proven efficacy in preventing unwanted pregnancies in another order.

Reagabadhayillattavarkkayi (pre-exposure preaphilaksis or "Prep") published new information on the immune system, defending the use of drugs, whose goal is that if you have sex with a patient with HIV infection, HIV infection untayirikkukayil anubadhayillatta person per day from a gulikayil ; This tactic has proved that the possibility of infection is very effective in certain groups; It has not yet implemented

Treatment for AIDS patients is more efficient, with few side effects, many of them being in a single tablet.

Finally, as with drugs and other infectious diseases, an immune response is achieved through a vaccine. Although there are a number of queries going on in progress, you can expect HIV vaccine to be available in the near future.

HIV infection and "viral illness will be a moral illness"; It should therefore be based on the basic rules of medicine such as early diagnosis (to know your state) and access to the community for treatment and education for preventive measures.

(*) Is the former health secretary of the municipality.

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