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A young mother was criticized because the baby's cry went viral

It's a routine day to spot epidemic videos on social networks that capture users' attention. On this occasion, The RECO DE BUUWAVA ARES, on the train, raised debate about the use of cell phones cell phones and pregnancy for the two women's struggle.

Pictures published by Twitter user @ Tito9k9 You see a young man talking to a young man crying a woman standing in front of a scroll using a cell phone. The product of the crying baby decides to interfere with a passenger's situationShe asks her to take more of her son's needs and her cell phone will be reduced to the phone.

When you look at your son, that woman listens to the claim Young mother. He immediately answers: "I know why I'm doing what I do."

What was next was a Phone phone conversation is not defamatory.

Answers to social networks were different. On one side She opposed the woman's reaction, who did not attend her son's cry. Others responded in favor of their response.

The actress says she is one of those supporters Ithus estasis, In your Twitter account He gave a comment about the situation.



He questioned those who opposed the girl who compared an incident registered till the last Monday. A girl near a companion girl was caught by him.

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