Thursday , June 8 2023

A taxi driver ran a 13-year-old girl in front of Aeroporta


A taxi driver (46) died. A 13-year-old girl died George Newbury Metropolitan Airport. A 68-year-old boy was raped by his grandfather Reverend Oblegido.

On both sides, they landed in the neighboring Fernandes Hospital in Buenos Aires. Alberto Crescent.

Police said Infoie's grandfather and their granddaughter first assisted Air Terminal emergency staff and later in the city's medical services. Many people were injured in the health department. But still alive.

He tried every effort to revive young people, but eventually died. A 68-year-old man reported his director of director.

"One tragedy died at half an hour before the injured child," Crescent said. The driver pointed out "Criminal offense", "injuries to criminals". Traffic is falling in the area. Traffic jams in the north and on the central part of the city of Buenos Aires are very low.

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