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A strange crossing in Mauritius Press Conference – 12/21/2018


For a moment, the character of the press conference was dropped to a secondary role. His role was crucial by the other two actors who took over the scene.

This happened to Argentine trainer Mauritio Pochettino of English Tottenham, who spoke to the media before the match on Sunday. All went well until a journalist decides to consult with him Manchester United's interest Hosea Mourinho to rent a coach before leaving.

Dharmesh Shehtat, playwright Sky sports, Investigated the rumors that connect Argentina with Red Devils. There was a hindrance in the middle of the question.

"Sorry, we've talked about this," Tottenham chief was sitting at the right hand of Peter. "Everything that has been associated with Manchester United was answered 48 hours ago. I'm not ready to hold another media conference on this issue, "he added.

At that moment the journalist and journalist began to fight, and Pochettino became a witness.

– Journalist: This conference is not dominated, I need to ask this question.

-Totenham Newspapers: One of your colleagues was on Tuesday, and asked the same questions, so I will not allow it again. Go to the next question.

– Journalist: Everyone is talking about this with respect.

The responsibility of the papers: Respectfully, I should not talk about it because we invite you to look up a match.

– Journalist: Of course, it works the same on both sides. There are times when you do not want to talk about a match with a desire to talk about another topic. It works the same on either side, is not it?

The responsibility of the papers: No, no, move to the next question.

– Journalist: (Talk to Pokcinto) If so, everything that happens at this moment … I need to ask myself what the letter told us, that you are not going to lose centralism despite the rumors …

The responsibility of the papers: No, no, no, no. Sorry

By the time the Argentine coach intervened, they found a career that they should not give up with a joke. He looked to the right and told the journalist: "Congratulations, you're the star of the conference."

On the short circuit, English news and Argentine mourning are one of the two best-placed candidates in Manchester. Another star, Syedine Sidane, did not return to the victorious monarch of Real Madrid.

If the Frenchman is free of the big difference, the Rosario spruce contract has until 2023.

Pochettin came to Tottenham in 2014 and organized a revolution in the club. He was at the 138th place in 144 games. He was in the ambassadorial position of the 2014-2015 Premier League.

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