Tuesday , March 21 2023

A seven-year-old girl submitted a poem in a glimpse of infidelity in a political form and made an impact on social networks


The poem of a primary school student dedicated to Formosa governor, Gildo Infron, Disapproved and disgraced in social networks. The video was written by a girl who wrote four stanzas to the leader Use of children for political purposes.

The incident happened last Friday at 212 Cristobal Colony State School Tagakal MissionFrom the Pilagas Department of Formosa province.

The young woman introduced Christie Perez and told the Governor that she wanted to write a poem. "The situation is difficult and people are no longer giving. But in my form I am calm and my hero is here. I'm sorry, I know I'm young, but a girl like me recognizes reality. I will end the reality of my (…), when the rulers really have to rule. A people like you! People Who Create Creation And Equity "With the fingers of the right hand it was imitated V The character of the Peronist movement.

The girl was celebrating the poetry and the audience with applause. Among them is the governor who was invited to receive her. Images began to spread quickly through various social networks. The opinion of the girl is a clear example of a political event Child's advice Thought.

Governor Infran was the president on Friday. In 1901, Pilkomo operated the operation "All our Peoples" (OPNGT) in the river. His speech was strongly criticized by the National Government and the budget of the 2019 budget is designed to represent and control the most fragile areas of the society and, essentially, the provinces. "This is the unified state in all stages of democracy"He ruled.

Within days of OPTT, through General Belgreno and Mizino Tagagale, The jestisteist party's unit calledWith a more unified, organizational support, he urged them: "We are a bad example because they have come with us."

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