Friday , September 30 2022

A revolution like HIV: they found a way to get rid of infected cells


The pastor's researchers from the Francis Institute reveal this AIDS virus (AIDS virus) One found By avoiding infected cells, According to a study published by cell metabolism. The discovery, announced by the Pasteur Institute, will be a reversal for HIV treatment. Because the virus is removing the virus from killing HIV virus (latent virus) lying in vaccines.

The Spanish pastor Suisse-Sireon in Pastor Suites said in a statement on the RTA radio that "our job is to help identify the infected cells so they can focus on the goal of avoiding them from the organism." A team of researchers who have discovered the properties of CD 4 T Lymphocytes can help prevent HIV preventions through immunization.

Prolonged treatments – Deforestation – Doing this, prevent HIV from multiplication, but do not fix them, ie discard the virus in an inactive state without terminating the virus. Researchers have discovered that viruses primarily circulate cells with a strong metabolic rate – CDs Like 4, glucose consumption plays an important role. Experts also believe that opening the door to eliminate infection cells.

What has the researchers gained? Prevent the infectious activities of the metabolism inhibitors In an artificial environment, the cancer has been resistant to experiments in organic biomegaly or organisms. Researchers say that this discovery is the first step in the offer. They also want patients to use these technologies.

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