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A policeman stole a football player who jumped in the way

He took Barrone's cell phone and clothing.

In July 2015, a Santa Fe police officer was arrested after a fatal accident on the Santa Ferozorie Highway in connection with the stolen items of a football player Diego Barrizon. Automobile

The provincial police source revealed that the raids conducted by the radioelectric command in the town of Koronda were abducted by the home department of the police who kidnapped nine cellular phones. A footballer named "lance". These actions included weapons of mass destruction along with Lida namation, drugs and personal effects in Balzain.

The arrests were made by a police constable, including foul theft and "stealing robbery", using as a result of a catastrophe in the event of a flood or earthquake or crime. The detained policeman tries to determine the pictures of the player's body, whilst the Whatsapp virus is spreading.

Barryson died in July when Santa Fe fer Rosario Highway broke into the back of 111 km 111 on a truck.


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