Sunday , May 28 2023

A plung clutch policeman trampled on a bicycle and shot him to death


At a shooting in Monu, a Buenos Aires policeman was shot dead. On the other hand, the creator of the bullet died in the last hours of the hospital. He was also wounded in encounter with him.

Angel Emanuel Escalade, 34, was admitted to the hospital in the district support group of provincial security. Serious condition At Fits Royi Clinic, Villa Crespo in the Buenos Aires neighborhood.

The incident happened on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm. Four of the two motor cars were identified. The escaped police quickly escaped.

According to police indicators, in the streets of Italy and Camilla lost a motorcycle control, most of it fell to the ground. At that time, one of the suspects ran away and was arrested in two places.

In the meantime, another man entered the front of the house in Panama and France. Two women policemen from Franco Those living in the area joined the torture. One of them, the second lieutenant escalade, tried to escape the suspect, and was shot to death with two heads.

The attacker continued his flight along with his armored arms between the legs of the other armed forces participating in the operation. Nicholas Peleus, a criminal, He died in the hospital several hours later.

His friends saved Eglada immediately. He was taken to a Mariano and Luciano Hospital in Vega d'Moreno. There was a cranitomism caused by the provocation of the left bullet on his head. Agent Buenos Aires arrived at Fits Roe Medical Center in Villa Crospo, Texas. It was in a critical and stable condition.

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