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A new, millionaire hundredth theft in Vienna

(ANSASA) – French painter Pierre Augustine Renoir (1841-1919) a masterpiece was stolen on the night of Tuesday Vienna Before auction. There are three thieves in Dorromom, Central Europe, the largest and most important auction center of 250,000 annually.

At about 5:15 they entered the historic building in the history of the Austrian capital. If nothing happens, they move from frame to frame. Without a alarm, the police did not get the right time. Patrick Mayerhofer, a spokesman for Viennese police, said, "This is a professional job." Athletes are very sportsmen, Dorothy keepers immortal.

Later they abandoned many buildings. Dorian's spokeswoman Doris Krepp is a stolen worker in 1895 with a stolen work worth 40 million centimeters Leo landscap from 120,000 to 160,000 Euros (135,000 to 180,000). Dollars). He said this theft is quite unusual.

Dorothy "is undergoing a comprehensive security procedure, our artwork has insured and no images have been stolen in the last decades," a spokesperson said. The film was a part of the auction called "Modern Classics" after removal from Renoir painting sales.

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