Monday , June 5 2023

A meteor shower in the Moon's star during the full moon lunar eclipse


In this part of the world people are different from us North America, South America, Europe, Africa, In large crowds Russia The first full moon of this year, really red, a super mum. This is a super globe known as the Super Blond Wally, Chandran. An overview of that view on the Moon revealed that a solar radiation occurred during the solar eclipse.

Since this may not be a tragedy that is painted on your head, it is the first time that an all-impact meteor has occurred during a meteorous period.

Jose Maria MadioAn astronomer Hualva University Inside SpainIndeed, the impact of the telescope's small flash was actually impacted, with a set of 2 to 10 kilograms to measure the size of a football site.

You can have an impact on the video below:

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