Sunday , April 2 2023

A grenade was found on the visitors' platform at the Idukong Stadium


The Buenosion Police said this "Grenade-type explosives" were found in a tribunal Competition against Deportivo Merlo. On Isangi stadium, which runs from 2 am to 3 pm,

Painting "In the walls of the visitor's gallery, in transmissions booths, Carlos Alberto Zachan Stadium We have tried to shut down the facility and evacuate the area, "she added. The classic explosion led to the Anti-Explosives Brigade intervention A gole ended in the draw.

Infobox He spoke a minute ago with President of Ituzaingó. Hernando Politano. Leader what happen?"The moment I met plastic, I was in the stadium and was buried in half. It had a format, but it does not look like a grenade and felt like it was buried ".

Then expanded: "It was a plaster that looked like a grenadeOne of the drugs was buried under one. But that was not the same thing, they rushed to the rumors and many of them called me. Guaranteed is usually given, typically added security agencies and scheduling games are usually 17 ".

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