Friday , September 30 2022

A French study opens a door to end HIV


The discovery, announced by the Passport Institute, will be a reversal for HIV treatment. Because patients do not fail to destroy reservoirs to eat vaccines.

"Our job is to identify the infected cells, so we have the goal of eliminating them from the organism.The study coordinator Pastor Ciaz Syrian said in a statement broadcast on RT Radio.

Researchers have discovered the properties of CD 4T lymphocytes. HIV infection causes and transmits itself.

Related Note: Sexual education is the only way to prevent HIV as per NGOs

Prolonged treatments – Deforestation – Doing this, prevent HIV from multiplication, but do not fix them, ie discard the virus in an inactive state without terminating the virus.

The researchers found that glucose consumption, like CWL, plays an important role in the development of viruses. Experts also believe that opening the door to eliminate infection cells.

When researchers tested the precautions through the research, in a synthetic atmosphere the biomedical chemicals or livelihoods inhibit metabolism at the end of cancer.

Consider note: 71% of men in HIV infection in Paraguay were men

Researchers say that this discovery is the first step in the offer. They also want patients to use these technologies.

Source: EFE

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