Wednesday , September 28 2022

A football player alleges that he has mocked his football coach


In 2009, a football coach and footballer Ludmila Martens scramble a coach When I was 9 years old The same person works "in the same job". Today, the futurist martenes of the river call the U-20 national team and play football in the platonic, aside from being sexually harassed Edwardo Micheli.

Michelle was a technician when she competed in social club and deportivo los in Andrews in Victoria's Lipsy's Florida Lepus. Ludmila contacted her in a series of videos uploaded to her Instagram account, but at the same time, the Specialist revolution in Fiskel Specialism was very intense by Winston Lips.

"He gives us the lip service. I took me to his office, shut the door and humiliated me. Likewise there are more girls but not dare to defame it, "said the young footballer in the statements of the" We La Mann "program broadcast by L Trees:" I hate to be scared. This man trains the kids and reminds me of the things he experienced at every time I was in the scene. I was in that club till the age of 16. I had no excuses to stop the training. "

The lady explained that these were all live I do not say to anyone "It is shameful"" No one is going to believe it. Because a girl remained the same thing after two years, "no one believed her", and Ludlila was not daring to speak either. "Today, I publicly thank every girl who dares to speak. I could not do it apart from them. We are not alone. We have not closed anymore and repeat.

I said this because he taught the coach and ended the Saturday on the end of the year. "Finally, when he told his parents that they had" committed guilt, "he explained:" Mum, daddy, no guilt. This person is a defamation and no one knows what will happen. "

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