Sunday , January 29 2023

A few years after the death of Ricardo Fortress, Gustavo Martinez, a sentimental message


Ricardo Fort was a phenomenon that captures the ticker. His life was full Luxuries and eccentricity She was a journalist with a very important role in the small screen. He began by showcasing his lifestyle in a reality show. But the record time – he did not take much time as a picture. He was a jury who was a participant Dancing for a dreamHe led the show at Mar del Plateau.Fort Night Show).

Although he has always dreamed, the businessman is suffering Strong pain For issues relating to your column. He had to work on many occasions. He also ate the medicine to resist that illness. On November 25, 2013, he died of cardiac arrest in Trinidad Sanatore. There he was hospitalized due to Perpostresttic sting.

After five years, WrestleMattinas shared with his children's preacher. He was accompanied by a motion message on Twitter. "We do not understand that you are missing, and it's all difficult to know how it affects your children." Yesterday we saw a picture with you on the felicity. I started to cry. I miss you. I hugged him to Ambedkar, and I held him up and we called, "he wrote.

Gede Suller, who founded an eclectic relationship with the businessman, published a text in his Instagram by Fortran on a photo. He confessed that love he experienced. "You're living in me, I can not believe I'm going to see you anymore. I love you without you for 5 years"Said the film's description in the media.

The final report of the Holy Trinity's autobiography reveals that there is infection, which complicates his condition. "He became a permanent resident in medicine, and he placed a heart attack on the great digestive diabetes he had done on rehabilitation measures (he was diagnosed with the general disease)." You are leaving.

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