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A 10-year-old father died after being raped by eight hours. And then committed suicide

Since 8 in the morning there was so much discussion that the intrusion into the Falcon Group was in open contact, so it opened and surrendered. In the end, the army At 4 pm, they decided to go home to hear the shooting. Exit without pulling out, The killer decided to take his own life.

"He cut himself off his head and reached the hospital," said Commissioner General Kavaran. However, his defense lawyer confirmed the death: "He died in hospital".

Corvallan said that the rescue mission was aimed at survival, because rescue operations lasted for a long time. "From the beginning, he waited to change the ultimate attitude of the Falcon Group, and he wanted me to come out alive," he said.

Disasters took place at 116, between 529 and 530. One morning at the Buenos Aires police house came home After the call of the woman who punished her son's sin.

When they arrived, the soldiers found a disappeared image. There was a bullet in his ears, a 10-year-old son's body and a white armchard on his chest.

He realized that 27-year-old Juan Cruz was a luncheon. The neighbor said that there are mental problems and "this woman is linked with a patient because of jealousy".

The relatives of the couple say, They were in crisis for months. Because a violent group told the woman who did not want to see him again.

After the attack, the man was locked up in one of three chambers of the house, where he did not last for 4 hours. Until the last moment, the experts from the Falcon Group tried to consult him. Thus he could surrender his life without threat. But the man marveled at all, and was not saved, but for what had happened.

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