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"46% of the money in the last IMF debt has already lost"

There is no restriction on the country's economic downturn. "Factories, Removal, Tensions between the Union and the Government, Uncontrolled Inflation and Social Disappointment". It seems like a combo is difficult to solve for the ruling party, only a little bit of economists expect to warn us that we are in "great crisis."

"Banks do not have Friday at G20, Not only in Buenos Aires but across the country. Central bank has suggested it. I do not know why banking leave across the country on this issue. Sankor has announced a shutdown of another plant in Bya Blanca, "said David Cafe, a financial journalist at the start of the radio program of Gustav Silvestre.

He said: "The sale of cars in November fell by 46 per cent, and since 2002 it has been a strong fall in 41 per cent decrease. We are in a crisis. This is a trigger because of the financial concerns of this crisis. Yesterday's dollar was reduced by 50 cents There are concerns over the country's risk of over 700 points. When we got the second deal with the IMF, we must be at 300 points.

Although Mauritius hides the expectations of the financial team of McChry, they indicate that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has attempted to link it to the final credit of the revenue. "Yesterday, the central bank reserves fell by $ 153. In the last IMF loan, 46 percent of the money was already lost. We're just a countdown, "she said.

Yesterday, the US currency dropped to $ 39.63 a barrel on Monday after the dollar gained in the banks and banks of Buenos Aires. In the next five days, it has continued to rise continuously for five consecutive periods. The single and freight exchange market (MULC) fell by 50 cents to 38.55 dollars a barrel.

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