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40 o'clock from the moving sky (video)

40-тонный метеорит (видео)

In Australia, solar Australia and Victoria have lost the light of night in the sky. This is written by ABC.

The astronomer David Finny said that a sky fell into 400 miles (400 km) southwest of Adelaide. Its mass is estimated to be 20-40 tons. The size can be compared to a passenger car. At an altitude of about 40,000 km, the scale of the blast was 1.6 kilograms of TTT – one-tenth of Japan's atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

It is one of the most significant and crucial meteoras in the continent's history.

Because the mass of the Earth was fragmented in the Earth's atmosphere, it still represents a certain danger. The difference in the meteor shower can reach three to four tons and weaken the roof of homes. Cars, do not mention the dangerous danger to the people.

As reported earlier by "FACTS", the Moon has rescued the Earth, and a large meteorite was crashed at a speed of 61,000 km.

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