Sunday , January 29 2023

34: Three women were killed in the tragedy


A A tourism company's association An impact U want to drive in a car, Says police sources. The event will be going on The way 34, Walking distance Intersection with root 11, More precisely in the tiara town of Santiago.

In principle, three women reiterated their claim that they had lost their lives. They are one on board Citron C4 A microwave so fast that you wanted to trap U..

The FIG The joint venture with the joint venture company Jumpo, Salta ProvinceThose who traveled from Bolivia with passengers were in the accident. The driver on the microphone was left with a trotimation on the left shoulder.

He was trapped in a traffic accident.

The small wheel led by Celilia Rocco Montero (38)He traveled to the company Steila Mars Mussen (55), Mala Celest Monoris (30). All of them were residents of the town of Riccione, the head of the Department Santhafa's provincial general olibgado.

Source: The Liberal

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