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2019 Budget: Ukraine's per capita per capita is $ 4,753 – chaonotics


As it happened in 2018, capital to the public distribution is a strong federal character and most of the projects are being implemented.

The Economic, Infrastructure and Energy Ministry has set up next year's cost guidelines. This is only a unified supply of the entire province. You will get $ 4,753 each. The same amount is in eastern region, $ 4,648, in the south and $ 4,325. For Greater Mendoza, investment is $ 3,264 for residents.

The population of the Ukhrul is 128,625. Tubanian, Tupunggo and San Carlos. The investment for next year is $ 611,342,765. That is, the capital intended to improve per capita and basic infrastructure is $ 4,753.

The number of important projects retains that number. Workings like Women's Warden, 60% and $ 23Million are primarily invested. An almost complete extension of the Vista Flores Health Center, an extension of the Scarvally Hospital, a fuscée of over 70%, is a clear example of public funding. In this situation, the lives of the inhabitants.

Other infrastructure projects are being implemented. The secondary school has 4-203 colonia las roses, primary 1-197 venture gallagos and neighbor companion del Pueblo I in the range of 21- to $ 13 million. AMSA neighbors are also operating in tune with $ 19 million.

Sun Carlos is being constructed by the second stage of the Window Tagarelli Hospital. This is 60% improvement and $ 144 million budget. The construction of the Divisiondeo Negro Collectorate, which is carried out next year with a $ 4 million budget; The 13 million stadium of UGini Bustos, financed by the Project Infrastructure Program (PIM) In addition, the project under zoned coefficient of school allows transfer of funds for small jobs in a school building package department, which is more than $ 2 million in this case.

Finally, the Mobilization Module Provincial-Municipality has provided financial assistance of $ 14 million with Tubogoto, Provincial Infrastructure Program (PIM) and Financial Infrastructure Program (PIM), such as the Inupur Stadium. Neighbors Tersus del Valle, Balón Del Valle II, House of Peoples – Third Stage and Group 2 and 5.

In 2019, significant investments will be made on several streets such as La Venezza in Tufuongota and invest $ 70 million in 2019. Curto and La Suprio in the streets of Santa Carlos, Lens, Clodomiro and Silva.

Source: Government Press

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