Saturday , June 10 2023

Red welcomes the call for peace under the three references


Vice-President and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar held a meeting with General Yemen, General Taher Al-Aqili, and several bodies and department heads of the Yemen Defense Ministry and Military Commanders. . The meeting discussed "the developments in the area and the achievements of heroes of the army on various fronts and the efforts to end the liberation," according to the official Saba news agency.

Al-Ahmar arrived in the northeastern part of Maribba, Sana, on Saturday to discuss developments in military operations and efforts to normalize the situation in the Liberated Territories.

Al-Ahmar praised the victory of the army in restoring the state of Yemen and defeating Iran's sabotage project, and praised the support of the coalition-led countries led by Saudi Arabia and the historical status of the Yemeni people, as well as protecting Yemen's identity and restoring it to the original Arabian zone.

Al-Ahmar reiterated "the principles of peace, legitimacy and all Yemen's principles of dialogue based on their three references: the Gulf Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism, the Results of the National Dialogue and the UN Security Council Resolution 2216".

He mentioned that the militias continue to bomb the cities of Huthi and Iranian envy, launch ballistic missiles, endanger international shipping and waterways.

The Vice-President underlined the need for "double efforts to be made, fighting for the ability and prosperity required by the Yemen to maintain the dignity and safeguarding of their rights and the elimination of the suffering and tragedy suffered by the coup militia", while welcoming "the all the requests for peace, to return to the negotiating table in accordance with the three references to the militias, stop the war, stop the ballistic missiles in Saudi Arabia against the brothers and close the coup. "

He stressed that the legitimacy of the Hadi Presidency's commitment to "the peace and defensive war for the restoration of the state committed by the Houthi-backed Iranian militias" and that "the withdrawal of the militia in response to peace and international calls and the implementation of UN Resolution 2216 abolish Yemen's afflictions, restore state, security and stability to Yemen and the region. "

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