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Zuma: I resigned to protect the ANC & # 39;

Former president Jacob Zuma said. The NCAA decided to resign before the expiry of his term.

About 1,000 people spoke about Bhubboi in Port Proveston, a provincial ANC campaign campaign on the southern coast of Quwwlle-Italat.

"The ANC NEC (National Executive Committee) told me to resign, and when I asked for it, I could not give any reasons, and I decided to protect the ANC, and I saw that it would lead us to the forest," he said.

"ANC is more important than my pain and emotions," he lamented.

"ANC is not the president to vote," he said against party supporters who dressed in ANC colors.

"The ANC has not done anything wrong with you and some people are happy about it or so, the ANC is not the president to vote, but if you decide not to vote the following year, you have a grandfather vote for the ANC government," he said.

& # 39; Error occurring & # 39;

Members warned the members that they thought were "in power or because of their ideas" first "advocate the ANC".

"When we joined the ANC, the ANC did not join us, it was essential for us to be better than we did," he said.

Ms. Suma recalled that ANC has made "mistakes" during the ruling party.

"Mistakes happen when you work," he said.

In the ANC critique, "politically" opponents were opposed. In particular, the voters who voted for the "ANC" instead of the vote "encourage voting" instead of voting for other parties, especially encouraged 18-year-olds.

"Do not vote for a party that was used by the woman, now I am forgiving their names and parties under the boy, and do not even vote for another party that the little boy leads," he said.

A former president is not an & # 39; s King & # 39;

He also suggested former Forma Dena leader Helen Zill, current leader Mumusai Mimanese and Ely's leader Julius Malma.

"Any other woman in the Cape Town has beaten any other party and they have provoked her again, and why do they vote for what they are voting for?

Former Cape Town Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has recently resigned and left the DA to form a new political party.

Jami has also won the former presidents of the party.

"You do not mean being a former president, does not mean you are a king.

He suggested that the present leadership of the party should be respected. At the time of the protest in Port Shelston, he was led by the Provincial Secretary Mummini Netali.

"For years you sent me as someone who sent me a long time ago but you know what he is doing, for some reason you gave me the privilege, once you are in one place you are no king now and that's why they use & # 39; You are a helpless person, and you're the first one to say, "He is his helper Sikh cihnattilekk ago exploded, they said.

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