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Your genes make tea or coffee lover: study


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Published: November 18, 2018 12:04:16 AM

Tea or coffee, genetics, genetics, coffee, tea, health issues, tea, health issues, indian express news We learned more coffee in the cafe and a lot of coffee. (Source: Picasso)

Are you a tea or coffee person? Researchers are a bitter hurricane in your caste-prone front. Bitter is a natural algorithm for protecting us from dangerous objects. Researchers from the US-based Northwest University and the QIMR Berköfer Medical Research Institute in Australia responded to caffeine, quinine and propolorassil (PROP) drugs. Alcohol.

Caffeine had a lot of awareness and tasted tea and tea. In other words, learn to partake of the coffee beans, especially the different kinds of cooked cousins ​​- "good things".

Phinbargg the North Western University School of Medicine assistant professor of preventive medicine, said Marlene kearnalis, "and hope you will be able to ruciccucerunnavarkk to drink the bitter caffeine than coffee." Results of our study is the inverse of coffee consumers and the willfulness of raising the effectiveness of learning (kaprrin) due to the caffeine found Inulla suggest you to get a taste or talent. "

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The study published by scientific reports also found that people in the bitter spices of quinine and proxy have a link between the coffee-avoiding vegetable compounds. Alcohol causes alcohol, the high concentration of PROP's bitter experience, consumption of alcohol, and especially red wine.

"The findings indicate that we may find finding coffee, tea and alcohol giving priority to genetics," Cornelis said. Mendelean randomized a common technique commonly used in epidemics, in order to check the relationship between the UK's 500,000 men and women and the consumption of beer.

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