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You do not know the man to save KPMG SRV 6 things

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  • KPMG South Africa announced the appointment of CEO of Ignatius Sehl on Wednesday.
  • Zehul was replaced by Nahlaloo Dolomu. He was a worker who tried to escape from an institution that helped to save himself from self-employment.
  • However, it is not the first Communist Party of the CEO. He first joined the DoT near Deloitte and went to the door.

The new CEO of KPMG SA, Ignatious Sehullah, was deeply linked with the first state encroachment and was a strong work of VBS's mutual bank collapse. His predecessor, Nuhloou D'lo, appointed a year ago, had to do the same way, but left within the company a "global strategic role".

But Zuhullah looks unusual – perhaps a complex and messy history.

Bad water and difficult companies are nothing new to him. He has the ability to even serve under his belt

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We did not know about KPMG's new CEO.

He entered the money because white men ran on foot

The session also has a wide range of honors from the University of Womens, research certificates from UNESCO, and General Management Diploma in Ashbridge Management College, UK. He is a qualified chartered accountant. He is the group's internal audit manager in the Foods Food Service.

"I felt that the tax department was owned by white people because I was looking for B.Com degrees, and I was curious about the subject, and I wanted to change that ratio," said Sehlul in an interview with Business Insider Sister's publishing company, Finn 24, 2009.

Was expelled from the first university

Vista and Unica are not the first universities in Segal's study. He started as a bacire student at the North University of North University (now Lippopo). However, he was expelled in his first year and said he was fined 24. He said after the protest was organized by the Board and money for the university.

This is not his first color in KPMG – Deloitte did not want him (first)

Zukholz is not in love with the auditing company right now. After failing to enter the law program on Deloitte, he failed to get an aptitude test for the auditors, and he joined KPMG. Determined to enter the prestigious institution, he started in KPMG. Later one year later, Deloitte made another experiment. This time he was inside

He helped establish a trigger barracks program

A trunk bursar is the most beneficial, due to the benefits it has established – one through the established CAs.

In 2001, SAICA became president of the Seashule, especially in black CASs, especially the CAs.

There was a little boy in teaching

One year, he delivered a lecture at the Vishu University. Commenting on his teaching days, he said, "I feel very angry about building and empowering people, and I like them best, and that gives me great satisfaction."

After three months, he tried to quit his job in transatlant

When he started his younger life, he worked for a cellular transaction.

"Worked for three months for the translate, I wanted to resign … but they took me three months ago and I worked for nine months.

This institution is racially polarized since you felt a confrontation, "he said," I can not deal tomorrow with another mood. "

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