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Who is the world's highest paid TV host?

World TV's highest paid TV channels have revealed. Stars of small screen cost up to £ 1 a pound a year.

The Forbes list is entirely anchored by US during the day. Their high standards are their salaries to override their premier corporate interests.

We look at the top five most talented customers and their millions of revenue.

What are the highest paid TV hosts in the UK?

The salaries of Britain's top earners are not close to those who cross the Atlantic.

The ANT and the TUES are up 29.5 million pounds a year up to June 2017. X-Factor The Dermot Properties is an annual income of £ 3 million.

Salaries Published The highest paid stars in 2017

Anti McParthlinin continues to brake this program
Ant and Dec also earned some 30 million pounds until June 2017

Gary Lineker's contest had to pay $ 1,750,000 to $ 1,799,999.

In 2017, Graham Norman earned a salary of 850,000 pounds to £ 899,999.

Quiz Evans is the highest paid radio host in the BBC. More than £ 2 million a year was paid.

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