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What are the new smokers and e-cigarette laws in South Africa?

Tobacco company Philip Morris has warned that the blocking of new smokers' laws in South Africa is ultimately responsible for protecting e-cigarettes.

BusinessDay The company claims that the company will replace cigarettes with new products that do not get any harm to the e-cigarettes and new iQOS devices instead of tobacco.

Control of tobacco products and electronic delivery system bills will prevent the communications and marketing of tobacco products.

Philip Morris can prevent South African cigarettes from being presented in healthy alternatives, Philip Morris's MD Marcelo Nico said.

"We encourage the government – we have included submissions submitted to the draft Bill – rather than the burning tobacco burning tobacco is the separation of tobacco products, such as auquis – it should be measured in a different way because it is part of the solution," he said. .

New smoking rules

The Control of Tobacco Products The Amendment Act aims to ban smoking in public, removing branding from cigarette packs and controlling electronic cigarettes.

The proposals first proposed in 2015 have achieved public interest, putting forward the strictest new smoking regulations.

  • A zero-tolerance policy with in-water smoking in public places (including deletion of appointed smoking in restaurants);
  • Smoking tobacco control in public places;
  • Smoking out smoking requires public smoking for 10 m away from smoking.
  • Removing all cigarette packaging from the brand name and warning stickers;
  • Cigarettes will no longer be publicly displayed to retailers.

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