Sunday , January 29 2023

Watch | Western Cape uses mothers to steal children


While recording videos on social media, a mother and two children found that a baby was stolen from a customs bag in a hotel in Palle in western Cape.

The woman and children can walk around the pear mall outside the stairs.

A couple waits for them before they go back to the gate of the restaurant.

One child approaches the table while waiting for the supervision of the woman and the child.

The phone is focusing on the phone's phone and talking to the customer's table with the council's children, while talking on the phone.

The older one of the children is kneeling. Then the customer's bag takes off from the table.

They leave the room without notice.

Stairs manager, Samantha Williams, confirmed Sunday that the incident happened Sunday.

"We reached the count counter and told us that his bag was stolen, but unfortunately we could not do anything about it, so we mentioned her to the center management," Williams said.

Police spokesperson Capt F.C. Van Wyk said.

Parole police have started a probe into the theft. No other incident has been reported against anyone suspected of having reported the SAPS report before or after the 11th incident. Detective works on all leads. The investigation continues, "Van Wyk said.

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