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Viewing DStv may be of greater risk


Although the number of multinational DSTv subscribers has grown in recent years, there is no myth for the company's challenges.

Nasp's financial results for six months ending September 2018, the number of Muttly Choice subscribers counted in Africa. However, the premium base of SAA & # 39; s facing constraints is under pressure.

In the first half of 2019, South Africa added 285,000 users.

The lack of premier subscribers caused a strong competition in the stream players, particularly Netflix.

The subscription costs are only a fraction of the DSTv premium. This cataloging continues because hundreds of dollars are spent on Netflix in the show and in the movie.

Satellite TV The providers are losing subscribers worldwide, but Netflix's usernames recently It's over 139 million.

Risk for multichillacy

MultiChoice, DDV and Shamax businesses have other risks other than Netflix.

MultiChoice Group Limited – MultiChoice South Africa, Multi Choice Africa and Showmax are expected to begin trading on the 27th of February in JSSE.

In the document, the company listed a number of risky areas. These were:

Attractive programming

"Is the community losing users and getting creative programming, or maintaining it?" He said multimedia.

"The success of the team is based on the ability to continue to attract attractive, attractive, attractive general entertainment, sports and other programming."

The groups and sports contracts of the group are renewing "over time," and if the claims are not protected, the multi-choice "alternative programs" should be sought.

This content may not be of "commercially reasonable terms" or is sold only to another provider.

"In the past, the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the MaliChoice, said competitors have the right to take on the content of the sport.

In the light of increasing contracts for increasing scrutiny of regulators, they added: "Special privileges for programming have become more difficult."

Detroit subsidies

Another potential problem is the multi-party faces are decoder subsidies.

Satellite Dies and Decoder are required for DStv's packages, which are a one-time single customer.

"The Group currently subsidizes a part of decoders and subsidies to the subset of the subsidy, if the decision to reduce or reduce the subsidy for decoders and institutes, the group's promises to new members will be more attractive," he said.

This will reduce the number of subscribers and the revenue will be reduced.


Multicios is forgotten by piracy, "Programming signals may potentially adversely affect the revenue of the unauthorized access group and the programming arrangements."

"To prevent unauthorized access to the program, or to use subscription programming to use subscription programming distribution to prevent piracy & # 39;

Multicios are mainly used by Soil Access technology distributed by Irdeto, which needs to be updated regularly to continue effectively.

"This group will continue to pay substantial costs to replace or add to its software access technology in future.Professional access can not completely stop piracy, and all video search marks have different types of piracy characteristics that show themselves differently."

If the group does not succeed in blocking unauthorized access to broadcasting, programming services may "physically harm", and subscribers can switch to pyramidal signals.

Streaming services

As noted, multicios has recognized the effect of streaming services in its trade. The Global Power House Netflix is ​​under great pressure.

"The group is facing competition from global companies that offer content to people with Internet access (including Netflix) without charging charge or charges charged over the group's charge charges.

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