Tuesday , March 21 2023

Thousands of Cape Bee's past


Thousands of dead bees were found in the concrete valley. Images: Brendan Ashley-Cooper.
Cape Town – Cape Beef Delivers faced a difficult situation. Bees grown in their "one thousand".

Strangers believe that the death toll has been caused by suspected suspected poisoning from farmers.

Several bees were killed in front of honey bees in the Kontantiya region. Last week, commercial agriculture farmers say.

Pesticides consuming pesticides are used by farmers for their farmers. This shiny sweets attracts bees looking for bees.

West Cape Verde Association Brendan Ashley Cooper, Vice Chairman, lost 100 bees. He sent a sample to test in the Hardsha and Kinnes Analytical Laboratory in Cape Town.

"We do not know what the real cause of death till the lab results are, but all the facts seem to be inseparable to poison," said Ashley-Cooper, who said that the bee's death was the most artificial sperm for farmers from farmers.

He said he would sell a kg of honey and 20 kilograms of honey to his honey to translate it up to two honey.

50% of commercial billkeepers' revenue in Western Cape comes from the Conservative services. 50% of the production of honey and other bee products.

According to the Department of Agrarian and Afforestation and Fisheries, there are 130000 bee colonies and 1,800 bees in their records. About 70000 colonies are in the western cape.

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