Wednesday , January 20 2021

There is no braincharter behind murders & # 39;

FITA KUUP said the murder was not possible because Zimbabwe was at the time of the massacre last month.

Fita Khupe was murdered by seven people in a judicial magistrate's court. Photo: Abigail Javier / E

Johannesburg: Ernate Mabzoo's allegations that seven of the accused have been raped and murdered in Wakakfontein area.

Khup says that because of the massacre during the last month, Zimbabwe was unable to organize murders.

But in the case, the investigating officer disputed. According to cell phone records, four persons were killed in the Kauf country when the dead were killed.

The duo have been released in the Preethi Magistrate Court.

Valkhan's murder has begged for bail

Khup rejected the story of Mabaso, who was forced to kill the Khoso family.

He said that he was in touch with a victim and that he could not commit crime because he was expelled from the country.

Khupi and Mabasso were still in custody during the murder, according to a Cellphone Recording.

The bench pointed out that he did not want to be granted bail by the criminal nature of the crime.

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