Wednesday , March 22 2023

The rare white lion tried to save Mufasa from selling the trophy hunters


A rare white lion called Muafaza is going to escape the hunt and shootings of the hunters.

Three years old Mufasa was captured from a South African family. It also found that officers who violated the law were kept as a child without a permit.

But for the activists, the mafias are totally obliged, so that the brides are not interested and the trophy hunters are going to the auction.

An online petition initiated by Karl Cityman and awareness about Muzaffee's misery created an awareness with his partner, Seri.

Mumassa said that the defense authorities refused to move Mufasa to a protected center, but instead, the Reservation Center was telephoned.

270,000 people signed this petition. Mufasa was asked to move it into a safe haven.

Muffas is ranked less than 300 in the world. White is only white lion.

In a wildlife lifetime campaign, the campaign titled "Safe Mufasa" went through a vasectomy called Mufasa.

"The number of the lion's hunt is diminished, and their bones are slain for lion's going out to get out of the east."

We have accepted the opportunity to transfer the expenditures against the lion's turtle, but there is no reply. Now we have to appoint the authorities to stop them both now. [Mufasa and Suraya] From the apartheid, "the campaign was added.

Animal rights activist Ricky Garges expressed his support for Comedian as "humiliating", "disgraced Sawest's shamelessness and money without paying the money to illustrate these animals".

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