Thursday , June 8 2023

The new carbon capture system generates electricity from the back of CO2


Carbon capture

Vehicles and power plants burn fossil fuels, leaving carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The FIGThe planet was shaky.

Some researchers suggest that the world can be confused with climate change Carbon from the atmosphere. A practical solution continues for years. But in South Korea and Georgia, researchers now capture an anomomibic carbon in water. This is a response generated by electricity and hydrogen.

Jealous solution

Researchers at the Georgian National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Georgia Institute of Technology inspired the sea to absorb a large amount of carbon from the atmosphere.

When carbon in the water becomes more acidity, Researchers have created a phenomenon for a battery to produce electricity. Hydrogen is also used as a fuel producing researcher.

Following Technologies

The efficiency of the new system is unclear. It currently works for 1,000 hours. But in the darkest predictions about the future of energy and ecosystem, this would be very positive.

"Carbon capture, utilization, and distraction technologies have gained a lot of attention lately in solving climate change," UNIST researcher Gandy Kim said in a press release. "Our new system has solved this problem [a] CO2 split system. "

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