Thursday , June 8 2023

The French aviation agency is in the city of Cardiff City Emilioano Salah


The French Civil Aviation Authority's Cardiff City recorded 18 million pounds of fire.

French and British Navy officials are searching for the English Channel.

Guerris police were on their way to leave Nasses on Monday evening. Police said that the search began on Tuesday morning. The French Regional Maritime Authority sent a search helicopter.

The Guernsey Coast Guard received an alert after 8 pm. Prior to Grinky, GMT who lost contact with Jersey Air Traffic Control

Guy's police said the missing plane was found.

Guzzy police reported a notification at 11.45: "You have searched for more than 1,000 miles of five planes and two lifelong booths so far. Now the Joint Emergency Services Control Center has coordinated that the search continues and continues."

According to a statement issued by Cardiff City chairman Mehmood Dalmatin on Tuesday morning, a light aircraft had lost a relationship with the contractor over the last night.

Zala's former club Nandzus does not immediately comment. Franz Cup will be held on January 26 against Endes Sanoj and St. Greene. The stretch extended till January 23.

On the San Jose-Saint Grinton website read: "Enen Zanois-Saint Gritton sends this to FN Nantes and Emilio Zala's family, and the club's thoughts on the plane."

Salah tweeted her old colleagues on Twitter saying she was tweeted on Monday.

Salah is the first in France in 2010. His possibilities in Bordeaux were for five years. In the summer of 2015, she was willing to sign the Nandas contract. He also played in the senior season of Cannes. Lens Canary, Including 12 seasons, before signing a cardiff.

This report contained information from Reuters, Ian Holman and Aramid Oladappo

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