Wednesday , October 5 2022

The bufar chief works closely with pits, sundowns and coaches.


Stuart Baxterster says players are relaxing from Mangalodi Sundance, Orlando Pirates and Caesar head.

The three matches will be played in the CAF Champions League or the Confederations Cup this month, which will be followed by three & # 39; Big Three & # 39; & # 39; Will participate in the cell. The semi-finals of the Telecom knockout will take place within a few weeks.

In mindful of big schedules, he wants to work with AFA premiership clubs to ensure that Backstreper's club is not unnecessarily weak.

The upcoming encounter with Nigeria is an important African Cup in the Nigerian qualification round. Their complete commitment will be to avoid the challenge of Nelson Mandela against Paraguay.

Bagrrer to the media, said, "Paraguay's game is concerned, a good relationship with Clubs touch and we spoke about that. I have visited all of the klabbukalilekkum traveled around, visited the clubs in the divisions below, I think it is very important to us, so that you can understand, so that they can If they can help us..

"If I'm a coach in those clubs, I do not want my players to play for 90 minutes, I expect that the South African football team will have a call, for example one in one and a half percent, we understand that (paraguay game) It's not a lost thing. "

Nigerian Nigerian Nigerian is playing against Nigeria after Tuesday afternoon.

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