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Subaru Exclusive WRX Strain Edition, only for the SE 30


The sober 2019 WRX STI Diamond edition with a celebration of 30 years is a hallo model in its performance car lineup.

Subaru is a Diamond Edition developed by the technical team of South Africa and is only sold to around thirty units.


There is a strong tradition of Subar Techikka International, a subsidiary of Subaru Corporation's Motorcycles and Performance Subsidy. STi.

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Three letters of respect and passion for performances over three decades. These three letters have been decorated by racing lapplates of Motor Rifty within thirty years, leading the world rally and circuit racing and made a reputation for killing the greatest competition.

STI was officially registered in April 1988, and STi began to break the World Speed ​​Endurance record at 164kW Legacy RSR. The car was completed in 22 days on an average of 223 kilometers in 22 days.

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The skyscraper and Colin McRoy led the car to the team's first success with the New Zealand Rally in 1993, with the new Blue & Yellow Legacy RS race car.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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In 1994, the SRI With champion Carlos Sains team, McCray was signed and the season was to watch. When Sunil finished second in the 1994 World World Rally Championship, Saines came in second and Colin McRae was third.

From 1995 to 1997, Subrmopolists' World Champions champion Colin McCrey and Tommy McKinnon won the championships for three consecutive years.

A hat trick of victory over the world of fans of the world championships,

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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Subsequently, before the tournament champion Solberburg was won in 2003 by the Subero Impriza STi, the STI team continued to run runners in many competitions. He was in the stadium of the World Rally. World Rally was promised.

STR from the World Rally Competition in 2008 Officially followed. And instead of endurance racing. In 2008, WRX STI entered Germany in 24 hours of the Nurggargring.

In a deepest sense of the WRC story – STi has been influencing the SP3T class in 2012, 2012, 2015, 2015, 2016 and 2018 in the most malicious weather conditions.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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In the 30 years, STI won the 3rd Superstars World Championships, the title of 3 World Rally Championship Drivers, 47 World Rally Championships and 5 Classes in German 24-hour Noorburgh Racing.

It eliminates the countless championship victories of the suburban Werewrich squads that exploit the local rally in Canada, the US and Australia.

The 2018 record of 2018 is 40.8 minutes faster than the 2016 crossing the Resident Transfer Highway. These two works were completed by Welder Rallyers Mark Higgins.

The results of the statistics in STI's history are: Championships and Study Philosophy always enjoy driving and comfort in the middle of it.

Development process

As part of the thirteenth anniversary of ST's launch in 2018, Subara South Africa launched the development project to build a powerful edition of a specific performance sedan.

It was a 14-year-old project that was yet another similar to the STImulating edition STI in South Africa.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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In 2004, Subora released the special version of SF 15 Impracessa WRX STi. Based on the standard model, the limited edition STimulating STi was developed for 195kW energy and 343Nm tor. These cars were the celebration of the 15-year STi. They finished the collector's items.

Diamond Edition follows the same tradition – a project that is limited to just 30 programs limited to 30 years of premium.

Subaru led the project by Dann van Harden, technical manager of Subaru SA, organized by South Africa. He said: "We have redeveloped, regained the SUTI, created a much stronger vehicle and became a talking point for the stylists."

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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In December 2016, the first call was made, and the official diamond edition was launched in January 2017. Sower S, its result and fruit took 18 months to expand the car into a happy place.

This is a considerable process, testing, oil testing, and dynamic tuning. When the Department of Technology was in charge of the performance, they were involved in the design process. It just created a car and worked more clearly.

External improvements

Compared with the standard WRX STI, the Diamond version takes a more aggressive approach and introduces stand-out components. When spacers are on every wheel, the car is 20 mm broader than the normal car.

Another important identifier of the Diamond Edition is an all round body kit with the same high rye yellow color that decorates the brembo brake calculators. If the kit car 10m decreases, the Diamond Edition will give you a special, stand-out presence with sport steering stance.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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In each vase of spy layer kit, the small and unique stainless steel is filled with high glass black 30 diamond edition badges on the sides of another unique identification rear wing in the STi badge – Dimension edition.

The signature steering features remain unchanged: LED daylight running lights barred; Large bone interlocker score for the front and rear spy wheel. The two-wheeler, thin, aluminum wi-design alloys are located 19-inch 245/35 R19 rubber.

Additionally, new ones on the MY2019 WRX STi are backdoor cameras to show visibility in the worst possible conditions.

Unique interior touches

The diamond edition includes a diamond edition cabin with just 30 units. The new face design and diamond edition cars in the driver and passenger dashboard inclus are special.

The WRX STI Diamond Edition also includes 7 speakers and a 440W Harman Power Carbon Power Speaker System. 7.0 "touch screen infotainment system with Bluetooth hands-free functionality now includes Apple Apple Auto and Android Auto apps. It reflects the user interface of the user interface and allows better user experience and safe driving.

The performance is everything

The main goal of creating the WRX STI Diamond Edition was to increase the performance and performance of the vehicle. In addition, the car ensures that you can drive every day.

This is the desire of the passions. Devan van Harden said that this focused on one particular focus.

"We really wanted to get extra electricity, but we did not get a point to drive or stay too strong, and we seemed to have achieved it," he says.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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"We developed the STI, the fastest and most powerful product in South Africa, and we are very proud of our team." Dunn Van Harden's mission was completed.

Electricity has increased through a replication of the car's electronic control unit and the performance of the performance monitoring system. The 2.5-liter, torbocharded boxer engine power works at 460 rpm at 4,500 rpm and 460 rms for 464 Nm torque.

The fastest speed will be 255 km / h. Between 0 and 100km / h is significantly reduced. Gauteng tested at 1 410 meters above sea level. Diamond Edition 5 secs 100 – 100km / h time, speeds up to 0.7 seconds faster than the standard standard WRX STi Dibling at the same time.

The diamond version exceeded 13.7 seconds and 14.7 seconds, and the standard standard for the post exceeded one hundred seconds at speeds of up to 160 km / h.

To meet more performance, the Subaru SA team combined with the new steam engine brace. The next front + 2-stone calipers are kept as a result of a strong stroke of the BREBO braking system consisting of 6-rough rioters. The system also has 4 sensor / 4-channel ABS with electronic brake-strength distribution.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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Handling of WRX Storage The Electronic Multi-Mode driver's controlled center differential (DCCD) of Subaru's Cermitrick all-wheel drive system.

The steering wheel sports a natural ratio of weight to the nature of nature. This allows you to drive unbelievably along the road through high speed across different roads on the road.

The entire driving experience of WRX STi is Parody Dyer – Mechanical, Visal, Row and Structure. Subaru rumble at WRX STi was developed.

Electricity is provided by a long and low torque work, steering and fitness, and six-speed manual transmission is quite powerful and mechanical, adding the Pruist driver's focus. This is a driver car.


MY2019 WRX STI Diamond Edition 5 * is a security indicator. Former slum design has been prepared for better safety of front chassis sessions in 2018.

Diamond Edition includes STi Active Torne Vectoring, Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control, and 7 Airbags Drivers Mock Airbag.

The front door is designed to reduce comfort, the side door contains anglo doors, and a brake pedal will have a security system that helps to reduce the damage to the legs.

2019 Subaara WRX STY Diamond Edition

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The WRX STI is a good example of safety and performance, with a cortical all-wheel drive, a safety mechanism for boxer engine technology.

Driver support systems such as front and rear cameras are safe and optimized. Blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert.

Only 30 get the chance to win

The exclusive nature of the Diamond Edition offers only 30 units of prepaid customers in South Africa. As part of the customer experience of the customer, these cars will be handed over to the customers with the certificates of special owners who prove that the limited edition of the car is valid.

In November 2018, the halo model was launched by Subaru dealerships, which was originally launched by the programmers in the year 2019.

R799 000, including 3 years or 75,000 km of full maintenance plan, 5 years or 150,000 km warranty.

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