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Studies have shown that breast cancer can again decrease birth rate


Breast cancer

A typical breast (left), a mammogram showing a mastic (right) with cancer. Credit: Public domain

Genetically engineered genetic mutations have been discovered that women who accept a normal hormone therapy have breast cancer risk.

Alternative therapies can reduce the risk of having a pregnant secondary breast cancer since women can be at risk for the future.

Hormone therapy has increased in patients with breast cancer. However, in some cases, tumors can come back decades later. Little is known about how antibodies are resistant to treatment.

Researchers at Edinburgh University have studied tumor samples from breast cancer patients. A hormone therapy has been adopted. Women have not undergone surgeries to face physical challenges.

In the course of treatment, the tumors were looking for which genes turned out.

Women have taken tumor samples before the onset of the hormone therapy. After four months of treatment in the first few weeks. Scientists quickly realized how the treatment had affected the course of treatment.

They found the hormone therapy and the trigger of the genes changes the tumors immediately afterwards. These differences became increasingly clear from time to time.

More importantly, they have divergent changes in women who are not immune to the treatment.

The team found chemicals (fertilization) caused by tumor developed by hormone therapy resistance. After initially, there was a growing tumor.

These differences are in the first few weeks of hormonal therapy, and it is possible to predict the possibility of resuming women.

The study was conducted by Edinburgh University Research Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Edinburgh University, UK Medical Research Center, Edinburgh University. It's published Breast Cancer Research The funds are now being provided through breast cancer.

For the first time, the MRC Institut of Genetics and Molecular Medicine is the tumor of the individual pa ents in patients with the risk of diagnosis and the laboratory tests do not resemble the patient's condition.

"We hope that women will be able to develop new tests that are expected to increase the risk of hormonal therapy to offer alternative therapies."

This is a very good early discovery that helps children learn how to prevent infections, said Dr. Sherlock Breast Cancer Noue's research department director. Said Simon Vincent. Resistance is a major problem to get medicines to stop women who die from breast cancer.

"The effect of this study is identified by the results of epigenetics that can help predict which diagnosis of cancer is more likely to occur, and these changes begin to appear immediately and enable us to intervene at appropriate intervals.

"Through such research, we hope to see that one day is effective when the treatment decreases and the treatment is appropriate."

Potential Therapy for Aggressive Breast Cancer

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Studies have shown that breast cancer can be predicted again (2019, January 22)
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