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Priyanka and Nick's wedding ceremonies begin in the traditional pooja

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Johnson. Picture: Instagram

Priyanka Chopra and American singer Beak Nick Johnson have started a funeral procession at the Pooja ceremony in Mumbai.

Priyanka and Nikin went out to greet fans and media. This couple saw scenes from fans.

Sikkim is in love with his brother Joanna who is in love with his mother, Madhu Chopra's puja. A sweet bride is the sweetest green onion.

Sun glass, skins and grazing ears, Nikki's wedding ceremony and Desi was a girl.

Nicki has also portrayed the traditional Indian clothing of clothing, pink kurta with cream pajamas and sunglasses.

Nicki's brother Joe Johnson and social timer walked in traditional Indian clothes.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be in the palace of Umad Bahwan in Jodhpur. Couples hired a few choppers to take them straight from the airport.

There will be two different child marriages, one Hindu and the second Christian. The ceremonies and festivals are a family relationship. In the palace are close friends.

The meeting will be held on 29th November. Nicky will dance in the movie Umad Bhavan. Priyanka's songs are sung by Priyanka.

Haldi's wedding ceremony will continue on Friday. Two families, relatives and friends have organized a cocktail party in front of the big family.

Royal Palace – Umaid Bhawan – For safety reasons, from Thursday to December 3, tourists can stop.


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