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Porsche 911 launches 992 car model

The 992-generation Porsche 911 was featured at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. The brand's turbocharged flat-six engines and new technology have been made more powerful.

Porsche says the eighth generation of 911 is "more muscular look", exclusive styling changes – as expected – is evolutionary. Still, the wheelhouse is "very important" (20 inch front, 21 inch rear alloy). But the width of all the models behind it.

In front, the body has 45mm width and flash door handles. In front, you can see new LED headlights, behind the "considerable extensive" variable rear spoiler and single-layer light bar. Apart from the front and rear sections, the entire skin is excreted from aluminum.

Brands based on SafanHousean have added various chase updates and supporting systems under the skin. Night Vision Assist (with a thermal imaging camera) has introduced a new "wet mode" (water on the road, "pre-disadvantages", and warning the drivers).

In addition, the next generation of 3,0 liter flat-six engines have been developed to generate more energy in the S models. The efficient vacuum process and turbochargers, and the cooling system that can be charged, have increased efficiency to a new layout. The energy is now available through an eight-speed dual clutch transmission (now offered as a manual option).

The 911 Karindra S and 911 Kerea 4S are now 331 kW. The rear-wheel drive capacitive requires a 3,7 second claim from 100 km / hr speed, the original driving model is the tenth fast (optional sports chrono package every 0.22 seconds). The new 911 Karindra S 308 km / ha runs from 30 seconds to 30 seconds.

There are two frame displays inside. The 10,9 inches center screen has five buttons at the top of a switch unit.
Porsche 911

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