Sunday , May 28 2023

Paris cricketer Chris Brown arrested in Brazil


Wrapper, Chris Brown. Picture: Scott Roth / Invision / AP

Paris: American R & B Star Christian Brown has been questioned in the case of raping a woman in a French-born hotel.

Last Thursday night, 25-year-old Brown was arrested for assaulting a Mauritian Orenal woman. A case has been filed against Brown's bodyguard and friend.

After agreeing to join other hotels residing in the hotel, Ram deu Fuubourg, she told the police at a nightclub near the Champus-Elysées home.

The singer, 29, who received the Grammy award after being arrested on Monday, is suspected of having suspiciously linked him to drugs.

Last week's shooting was shot in Brown's Hut-Kosher fashion show.

Brown was found guilty in 2009 and was later beaten to death by a gangster Rihanna.

In March 2016, he was arrested and arrested after a stampede with the Los Angeles Police. One woman threatened herself at her home.

In 2014, he attempted to take action against a fugitive of Washington in the war against a woman in Las Vegas.

In May of last year, Brown filed a lawsuit against a woman in a drunken raid at a Los Angeles cloakroom in May of last year.

Brown was labeled sculptor of the scene when he was a child working at his father's gas station in Virginia, USA.

Recognizing that he was a rapper at first, he wins with his rich sound message, but most of his recent legal arguments have come to the news.

In the mid-2000s, Bruce released eight studio albums, "Kiss, Kiss" and "Write It". Six platinum have come out of this.

He has acted in many films and teens.

He has 50 million followers in Instagram. A picture posted Sunday was seen by the fans in Paris.

Brown arrested arrester of The Closer


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