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No more distractions! This brain training app can increase the sensitivity


London: Cambridge University researchers have developed brain training applications. Centralized capacity for the problems faced by people in the world of mutually correlated.

Game application & # 39; Dodger & # 39; The game application for more than eight hours in a month.

Researchers at the Behavioral and Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Cambridge University

"We started to work at work every day, but we are not sure what we actually did," said Professor Barbara Saharan of the Psychiatric Department Department.

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For complicated tasks, we need to concentrate on "flipping out" so the study published in the Biophysical Neuroscience Journalists Frontiers.

The 75 young adults who split into this conclusion were divided into three groups: a group called Deodor, who played Bingo with a control group and the second control group did not get a game.

75 people attended the trial. Four weeks later.

The results of the "decoder" are better than bingo and the game is better than those who do not play.

"The difference in performance was decisive and meaningful, because it's similar to the effects that can be used with stimulants like mythifenetide, or nicotine".

The researchers also tested the ability of the participants in the tray making test to ensure that Dortore was able to focus attention and attention due to the ability to look at the center of attention.

"Decoder" performance has also improved in this neuropsychological test.

"In addition to healthy people, we hope that this game will benefit the patient with attention and disability including ADHD or brain trauma, and we plan to start a study with the traumatic brain injury patients this year," Professor Sahakyan said.

The game is now app developer peak license.

The game was released Monday as part of the Peak Brain Training app, and the Apple App Store is free. Android version will come later this year.

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