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Nigeria is the world's highest producer of infected children.


"Nigerian producers of HIV-infected children are titled" Nigerian " Sun newspaper A new plan has been created to prevent infection from HIV positive mothers.

Initially, Nigeria's Ministry of Health says: "There is no reason why there are no producers of HIV-infected nurses, we have a 30% contribution, our goal is to be eliminated, and we believe it's impossible."

World Health Organization Defining HIV is transmitted from HIV-positive mother to mother's HIV infected baby tDuring pregnancy, during pregnancy, childbirth, or during breastfeeding.

About 37,000 newborns are infected with HIV in Nigeria in 2016

He said African has been checked. UNAID figures show that 2016 is in Nigeria Biggest role The new ultraviolet HIV infection in the organization's 23 priority countries (26.9%).

It is based on the national HIV-affected population, total population, fertility rates, and information on the actual availability of HTI services.

Gathean Hermann, a strategic information consultant UNAidsTo Africa, the organization uses such data to collect statistical modeling software.

In 2016, the UNADS estimates that 37,000 children below the age of 15 are infected with Nigeria. Mozambique has 9.6% new infections (13,000 children), 8.6% South Africa and 12,000 children.

The uncertainties in the premise of childhood illness

In Nigeria, the number of newly infected children has risen to 22,000 or 56,000. Researchers should make more assumptions about the number of infections in children. UNAids explains. This increases uncertainty.

For instance, the proportions of adult HIV infections are smaller than HIV infections among children, more data among pregnant and the possibility of HIV infection among pregnant women. Must have their own uncertainty, "the method states.

Children below the age of 15 are not only children, but the total number of children including HIV is reduced by UNA.

Nigeria has new HIV / AIDS study

But accurate data will be available soon.

"CNigeria is currently the world's largest survey, known as the Nigeria HIV / AIDS Initiative and Incidentated Survey. This will be the first information available in 2019, Eco said.

Frank Lule, Regional Advisor at HIV / Aids area Regional Office for Africa WHO, Survey says that the baby's baby is less than previously reported. Census data has been taken to estimate the number of children born to HIV-positive women. This helped to increase the number of children infected with HIV from their mothers.

Pregnant mothers can take caution

Senior teacher of the Department of Biological Sciences, Dr. Ayeyi Abiomi Thai Solar University University of EducationNigeria's mother's baby is one of the reasons for the transmission.

"Nigerian women affected by HIV are not aware of necessary precautions before and after pregnancy. To correct statistics, it is necessary to solve this problem."

Of the country MICS Survey It was found only in 2007 13% Nigerian women knew HIV infected. This figure is 11% In 2012But increased 34.8% 2016/17.

Nigeria has the largest number of HIV positive children in 236 countries

Sun News reported that a new project has been designed to prevent HIV infected children from HIV.

Nigeria figures in 2016 Out of 23 priority countries, the highest share of HIV infections (26.9%). 37,000 children under the age of 15 are estimated to be new viruses.

However, HIV data in children can be increased to 22,000 or 56,000 as it is uncertain.

Nigeria is currently the study of the world's largest HIV / AIDS influenza. This will make the best picture of HIV infection in children in the country.

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