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New Death Straight trailer is coming this week, the latest teaser will be revealed online

UPDATE (5/27/19) – Hide Kojiima released another death striping teaser, even though it is the first teaser, now has two hands instead of one hand, "Help us connect again".

This week may result in revealing the online features and functionality of the new Trailer Death Strand. It is the new title of Kohima's "collaboration of the player", after which "normal reviews" will introduce elements of social media, and after "numerous games" and "rebuild physical relationships", and many sections of the culture of solitary confinement are solitary in one room. "

Follows the original story.

Koima Productions announced that a new trailer will be available for the Dead Promoting on May 29, after a number of teasers in Hydeo coju.

The marketing of death strings is steadily continuing, but after a few hints at the TwiKhk Film Festival last month, Haydemo Kojima tweeted a short video to play a game coming up.

The video itself reveals little about Cochin's (explaining the specialty of Kojima). The handpicked film we saw in gaming marketing and Sam, the main character of the game played by Norman Rides. Also, "creating a rope" can be referenced in all the tubes and black suits we've seen across all curves.

The Internet broke down that internet, trying to find the secret secrets of the Kosama Productions Then tweeted We will buy a new trailer on May 29th.

Death Strontium Trailer Date Screenshot 2019

There are no new revelations on the surface, but the mention of "making the rope" is again referred to. Will this be a teenage multiplayer side? Are these players ready to make any kind of coir in players? If so, why

Stringing still has the release date, but still when it is released on PlayStation 5, it will surely learn that the PlayStation will reach 4 with our other great exclusives Sony – our second end and second Tashma ghost.

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