Monday , February 6 2023

MUFG and Sumitomo Mitsui should use free ATMs for each other


Tokyo – MAUFG Bank, Sumitomo and Mitsu Banking will be able to withdraw money from ATMs from ATMs every day. Every day begins in the first half of the day, 2019.

Initially free of 2,300 ATMs will be available to the bank branch. Finally, all machines will be extended.

With the elimination of online banking growth rates, customers can avail and facilitate the availability of ATM counters.

Initially, nearby railway stations will have access to ATMs in areas where commercial facilities are free. The banks think that it will be available from around 14,000 ATMs in Japan.

Mizo Bank is the first of its kind in Japan between two "megabanks". Mizu Bank has started a similar contract with the small player Eoin Bank in 2013 with a retail giant Ion.

The project includes plans for MFK and Sumitomo Mitsi between 500 and 600 ATMs. They expect to cut 10 billion yen ($ 10,000) per annum.

The account holders will allow the selected ATMs to utilize their own bank-linked operations.

At present, banks will be provided 108 non-account holders with cash withdrawals from their ATMs from 8:45 am to 6 pm respectively. In days. At other times, the fee for withdrawal is increased to 216 yuan.

There are two banks for discussing the fees in transactions in each of the ATMs.

They are trying to develop a limited function of ATM, which receives and distributes bank notes, but does not have the ability to handle coins, read or print backbucks. Another project is to implement ATMs jointly.

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