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Let's repeat last year's deadly flu season


According to the latest figures released by the Federal Health Service, eight and nine million Americans are suffering from lung infections due to the disease. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported cases of infection and immunity. About 100,000 people have been admitted to the hospital after the fever has been affected. It is very soon to see how much will happen to the 2018-2019 season. But the good news seems to be effective against this year's vaccine and you still have time to get your shot if you have not yet come.

CTC This will be the first year of such calculation. Instead of waiting for the sum of the calculation, it is located throughout the flu season. Agency officials expect that weekly updates will bring public awareness of risks and encourage more people to stimulate it. The decision was made last week due to extraordinary bloodshed. In 2017-2018 the virus killed 49 million Americans and killed more than 80,000 children.

The decline of influenza seasons in the country has increased in the last decade. In some cases, viruses-3 to 2 infections are particularly invasive infections. This slows down a bit, so people are more likely to have a natural immunity. Getting a flush shot will help with some additional defenses. Last year, the influenza defensive dropped in seven seasons. According to the CDC, 37 per cent of adults vaccinated in immunization, which is 6 per cent lower than last year.

One reason for this is that the vaccine made in Australia for the first time will be negative reviews. Globally, it's where the flu season begins and predicts that the impact of the virus will be worse in the United States and Europe. Last year, Australia's first reports of vaccines have effectively reduced by 10 percent.

That bad performance does not mean that a meaningful person is raised. Flu vaccinations are always a bit of a crapshoot. Scientists try to break down every season, and then manufacturers grow viruses in billions of inactivated viruses. During months of long production process, the eggs-incubated virus continuously deviates, sometimes with a bit similar to the wild barks you can capture from the clutter of a fellow computator. The H3N2 difficulty was predicted to be true, and it became a great mutator.

Although the vaccine is resistant to that particular difficulty, it has continued to protect against other influenza viruses. The last calculation of the CdC in the last season suggests that the vaccine actually reduced the risk of a person asking to reduce the virus by 40 percent. In social media, the negative aspects of its performance began to increase and may discourage people for the shot. Of the 180 children affected by swine flu in 2017-18, 75 per cent of the CDC was not recognized.

This year, the tragedy can seem to make it easier for more people to come. The CCTC's surveys show that between November and November (providing vaccination for children and adults) was around 7% at the same time. This is the biggest achievement between five to 12 years old. Booam's conduct was conducted by doctors such as Mathew San, medical director of the Epidemiology Division of the Orange County Public Health Department. "Unfortunately, the vulnerabilities are the best driver for the lessons they learn from the personal experience." Most people around them saw a serious illness. "

However, these figures indicate that more than half of the American population is exempt from this season, someone recommends within six months of the age of CDC, drug users and allergic reactions. If you're 50 percent, you may have a small chance of identifying yourself as an anti-aggressive person or by protecting yourself seriously for someone's health. But the World Health Organization disagrees with your assessment. Last week, the International Public Health Authority (International Public Health Authority) said that vaccines are scarce even when vaccines are available. It is one of the 10 health risks of 2019. WHO is described as essential. "When will it be difficult for us to know what will happen," the report says.

Influenza pandemics have been recorded at least five centuries. A 40-year average between global outbreaks. This year is the 100th anniversary of the worst. Between 1918 and 1919, between 50 and 100 million people from Spain traveled to the earth. It was one of the hardest events in human history. The capacity for predicting influenza pandemics is no longer present 100 years ago when scientific advances improve, as doctors can improve their care for many illnesses.

Though imperceptible to start with a flu season at the start of each season, this is the best and best way to protect people's health. "It happens every year because of the flu effects of the flu season," says Jan. "It reminds us that valuable Kawasaki disease each year, millions of people, thousands of people are dying. 'Saved the lives of more than a few points to increase the vaccination protection." US person's lifetime, a "universal flu vaccine" can only dream to the reality of developing one or two times, Uttukeantirikkukayan. The next influenza pandemic is the same as the warnings of global disease monitoring networks that provide first warnings. In the meantime, you're going to get a shot. You never know what time is going to be bigger.

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