Monday , June 5 2023

Laatto Keganagogue's & # 39; Dark Time & # 39; He also worked with radio bonanza


Local TV presenter Lerato Kegianako stopped the drive with Moto Flaw. On Friday, Mehsakabloov was in the dark at radio.

One day he stood for Keganagogo was to organize Front Roy with Banan Matha.

In 2017, he joined the co-hosted Cassiango Front, except for the Metro Famat and the Mathew.

I remember how she forgot about the charges against Madahabe, and she admitted she was crying after online harassment.

Mummy and Kagan Gargo performed only a demonstration. The project "Project Runway" host started a good start, but there was a provocation.

"It was great at the outset, but it was very sad, you know what's another phase, so tomorrow it's good, that's just funny."

Cagigno makes clear that Maggie is still respectful and the "Beagong Bogang" star belongs to her for the reasons she has.

Listen the entire interview below.

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