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Khabas was killed in the rape and khubaq was killed

Vusi Ernest Mabaso for the murder of seven members of Vlakfontein. Image: Simfiva Mobokasi / African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg: The prosecution magistrate court found that 27-year-old Wolfefneh's Khosa family tried to rape and assassinate members of the jail authorities for trying to get trial in the trial court.

Ernest Mabzo told the court that Fita Khuppi had raped her before raping her children.

Maboos, Khup, seven counters and robberies have applied for bail. Mubaso has been arrested three times in rape cases.

She said she had confessed to all the offenses and her family would get bail in the R5000.

Mabazo was a South African who was born in Nelspruit, Diploma in Nellore from the University of North West, The court heard that he was not employed at the time of his arrest.

The affidavit submitted in the bail application should be clarified that the Mabaso Commission recommends the commission.

"In 2015, I rented a room near Ravana secondary school where I was renting a room near a school, and my owner and other unknown people slept at me and stole me in Cape Town and told me to work in Johannesburg when I was in downtown," Maboza says.

He began to work for unknown men and drugs. Shortly afterward, they provided the information they needed for the job of Johannesburg.

They said that if he was included in the police he would be killed and they could not do anything if they worked towards the police.

"They compelled me to use the name CBSCSzo Eurerest, they told me everything I think and then I created a Facebook account called SibuZio and invited Sneha Nomfundo Khosa to my friend request."

As a member of the Khoso family, Mabaso, the young man, started to speak with Sunni in Watsup, and they gathered him with his family. They told me to come and visit them.

"People in Cape Town have informed me that they wanted to go to Johannesburg and kill them and I refused to do so [and] They threatened me, I said to them that I am a teacher – I've never been killed. I stole the car and decided to return home. However, there is still car-stealing near William's Town in Eastern Cape.

Ernest Mabaso and Fitta Khuppe. Image: Itumeleng English / African News Agency (ANA) archives

After releasing it from prison, Mabzo told the court. The same people threatened to kill and kill their work in Johannesburg.

After he arrived in Johannesburg, he met with Khub. He said he was confident that he would take the faith of the Khosla family. He did not forget that he was there to kill his family.

He said he would go to Zimbabwe a few months later and tell us how to kill the Khoso family. Maboso told the court that he gave a hammer to him.

"I want to cut them twice, so I said they did not make any voice."

Mafazi said that if he asked Kopi to complete his work, if he asked for the rape of three women before killing him, he admitted he would not agree.

"I told his family four times that he said I was bringing kids in the Palm Springs and I brought them Karabo and Lolo and I am back in their bakery after I am in Karabo in his presence," Mabuzo said.

He then flew into the Nelspruit, "he said. He was arrested in the house of his grandmother.

"I've admitted the attack on the dead, I refused, I was forced, threatened and threatened, I was afraid of my life," Mabaso said.

African News Agency / ANA

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