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Kevin Hart tried to pay $ 7 million in damages


Kevin Hart, who said that their mobile gaming app failed after the sex scam of the sex tape,

Kevin Hart participates in the 2018 MTV Video Awards at Radio City Music Hall, New York City on 20 August 2018. Picture: AFP.

Kevin Hart attempted to pay $ 7 million in the hand of former business partner

The 39-year-old actor, Houston, appeared before the court following a mobile gaming application called Heart Hart in the alleged sexual assault case.

And so on The BlastHart dismissed the court as a stand-alone digitally disposed off court.

The judge rejected a claim by violating a contract by breaking the contract with a $ 7.2 million compensation.

In their first case, they claimed that they had interacted with a transaction and claimed to be digital Night school Star to make a game Gold ArrowThis is to introduce characters in the character.

The game, which began in September 2017, has cost $ 1.25 million for the development of the game.

However, just a month before the launch, Hart had publicly agreed to an extra-marital affair and seized a sex tape. The stand-up digital believes because their application fails.

They refused to communicate with Hart's confidante and damaged $ 7.2 million.

The FIG Central Intelligence Opposed to action, filed a counter set. The company did not make the allegation that the company failed. Most games are becoming a substantial profit making company.

The following documents were declared:[Hart] She attempted to blackmail her to prevent her attempted anxiety during the most difficult period of her life. [Stand Up Digital] The majority of gaming apps and unimportant revenue were released to the application market, The game of war, There are tens of thousands of ad budgets. "

Hart said he would not be willing to speak directly before declaring publicly because he could not help or disclose the details of the FBI investigation.

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