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Juvenile Volunteer – Football Match Report – November 27, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo advanced to the junior crown in the Champions League football. They advanced to Welsena 1-0.

In the group A match, the Athletic champions fought for the defending champion Valencia from José Carcasso who overcame Ronaldo in Vancouver in the 59th minute.

With a record-breaking record for two minutes left for Manskic, Ronaldo has given the wrong footsteps to Gabriel Polyste.

Juventus scored 12 points in five games. Manchester United win valiant Persia with fifth place

Needing a draw for qualification, the Juventus has achieved some risk and is only one shot in the first half of the game.

Ronaldo tried to fight Noda. Brazilian star Geo goal keeper Wagesche Sauseni headed out of Mutter Diachiba's headline to the headlight.

After the first meeting between the teams in the group, Ronaldo tested a free kick after the break.

For two minutes after Manchukkik's goal, Dihakuby played in Juutente Pier. But the French used the weapon used to take a career.

Pollo dblala Netto was shot dead by Ronaldo. The Portuguese were in control of the bowling balls at this time and put Jude to the front.

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