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is that you? The Ring virus that was found in the Santon City toilet went off

A woman's inquiry has gone viral to find a ring on the Sandton Mall bathroom.

The young response from Saundan Grabler (24) from Johannesburg, Johannesburg, did not expect much reaction when Ring posted a picture on her Instagram, Facebook page.

On Wednesday, however, it was posted 12,500 times.

Ring is seen above a toilet roll holder in the City of Sandton.

She and her best friend visited the cellphone upgrade.

"I went out and saw someone standing in the ring & # 39;

If no reply was received, friends were brought to the kiosk of the mall to find out whether the missing ring was reported.

& # 39; It & # 39; s somebody & # 39;

"I remember remembering now, and then I took a picture of the ring and posted it in the Instagram post, which is related to my Facebook page, we have some luck and you do not know what will happen.

Grobler said that the ring might seem like a small one, but it's still very valuable. That is why she wants to find the owner.

"It will not be the most expensive bazaar in the market, but it does mean something to someone else."

Screen grub in chain griller's Facebook post.

Screen grub in chain griller's Facebook post.

Grobler was surprised by the reply she quoted her post. "I can not afford 50 Likes, and 12,000 shares will not be taken into consideration!" Grobler said.

Some people have already been in contact with the Grobler but they can not.

One asked if Ring would not want to sell the owner, and she withdrew an offer.

"It is against all the moral secrets of my body …"

One man claimed the ring, only to get a grubber phone number before trying to attract her.

& # 39; Do you come from heaven? & # 39;

"He said that he was married and that it was his wife's ring!" Did you hurt when you got down from heaven? I'm right, I'm never mind … "Grubber said, laughing.

Grobler says that there is a very different feature in this ring.

"Most people never know, but the owner knows what's in detail."

Grobler's post wrote countless comments.

"You are so sweet, you are an honest and honest model, the owner, you are looking forward to." Wrote Lilian Van Tender.

Sibonglily Jennifer Tuba wrote: "It looks like I've lost my ring at a pub in Sevato in September, and the owner hopes to find it, which misses a ring."

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