Monday , May 29 2023

ICC officials looking for Sarfras incident


The ICC and the Match Offices will also investigate the second ODI between South Africa and Pakistan Sarfras Ahmed After comments made by Andy Fehluequo.

The Pakistani captain has also asked for social media to take action against him. South African cricket team South African Cricket Board announced on Monday.

South African all-rounder Irfan Pathan scored 37 runs off 37 balls in the second one-day international in Durban. Afridine picked up the wicket of Fahk Kuvak.

At the age of fifty, Afridi's last ball was played at Afridi's Olympic Games, Sarfras,Abe Kale, Theory Ammi Ajaa Kajan Bethany Hey? Who am i".

When translated into English, it means: "The black boy, where is your mother sitting? Where do you want (what you want) from her?"

The third ODI at Centurion has been dangerous for Sarfman to face suspension.

"ICC and match officers have reported about this incident," Professor Mohammed Musazi of the Pratas team manager said on Wednesday.

We can only comment on the results of the inquiry, and further clarifications and notifications should go through ICC. "

Mathew Referee was the Ranjan Madugalle of Sri Lanka.

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